Jumaat, Januari 18, 2013

SW1M defends Sharifah Zohra

PETALING JAYA: Suara Wanita 1Malaysia (SW1M) yesterday defended its president Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin against the ridicule she has been subject to over the “listen, listen” video.
“She does not like it when voices are raised; that’s why she said ‘listen’ several times,” SW1M spokeswoman Ema Lee Abu Samah told FMT today.

Ema Lee also accused Universiti Utara Malaysia student KS Bawani of being rude during the forum at which the video was shot.

“Bawani was emotional, extremely loutish and dragged on with her statement,” she said.
Bawani shot to fame and Sharifah Zohra to infamy following the video’s recent posting on YouTube. It showed the SW1M chief berating the student when the latter raised the issue of free education in a forum last month at Universiti Utara Malaysia.

The video has gone viral.
Ema Lee said SW1M had no political affiliation although both she and Sharifah Zohra were “ordinary Umno members in Selangor”.

“SW1M was formed early last year and we have 3,000 members from Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. We are based in Gombak and we champion women’s and children’s rights by having forums in universities on women’s equality.”

She said the organisation had no official patron and relied on funds from its members and donations from the public.

According to Ema Lee, Sharifah Zohra is a 40-year-old motivational speaker and a mother residing in Gombak.


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